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About us

Kevin Esque 

co-founder, executive webmaster

KETo put it mildly, Kevin is pretty fucking awesome.  People constantly admire and remark upon his fortitude, bravery, and character.  In addition, he is also lauded for his loyal Washington based sports allegiances, in particular relation to the Redskins, Nationals, and Wizards.  Kevin is known to be a great drinker, and when he imbibes he has a penchant for regaling those around him with earnest thoughts and intrepid political insights.  A man whose knowledge and creativity know no bounds it is no wonder that everyone strives to be in his presence whenever humanly possible.


Richy Leitner  

 co-founder, editor-in-chief


What can be said about Richy Leitner that hasn’t already been said about the Spanish Inquisition? As Men Are Typing’s co-founder, editor-in-chief, and five-hole hitter, Richy brings a Derrick Coleman-esque blend of unrealized potential, lackadaisical focus, and volume rebounding to the roster. Intolerant of gluten, lactose, and most people, he has subsisted for the last several years solely on beef ribs, fruity cocktails, and a healthy self-loathing. Key influences include Charles Barkley, Warren Zevon, and alcohol. Richy aspires to one day arm-wrestle the pope in a winner-take-hat match. Please submit all arrest warrants, date applications, and nude selfies to


Andrew Sullivan

senior partner, special projects manager


A hard drinking, hard living son of New York, Andrew Sullivan has been following sports his entire life.  At an early age he became a rabid supporter of the New Jersey Devils, the New York Giants, and the New York Yankees.  He takes as much pride in the futility of Philadelphia sports, particularly the Eagles, as he does with the success of his own.  As he grew up he gained a love for more diverse sports including soccer, darts, and women’s synchronized diving.  His other interest include popular culture, video games, and yelling over his friends in quiet bars.