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To: Kevin Esque; “Sully”; Elizabeth Brady; Elizabeth Anderson; Elizabeth Hammonds; David Bandage; Poon <; and +32 More

From: Richy Leitner

Subject: OMG TRIPTIME!!!!!

hi besties and favs,

so, it’s been way too long since we all got together and really did something as a group (going to whitlow’s does NOT count :p) and i have finally built up enough vacation time/travel fund savings to really do something great and i just feel like it would be so much better if all of you could share this experience with me

i just think we used to have so much fun when we would go places, like summer after freshman year when me and paul road-tripped up to towson for that one girl’s birthday party (wish the rest of you guys were there, although paul probably doesn’t omg jk)… but now that we are all mature, grown-ups (so crazy!!!) i think we can do even better… instead of a road-trip we should do an air-trip!!! and instead of going to some random apartment party we should go to JAPAN

now, hold on, don’t be all like that’s too expensive and i haven’t even paid this quarter’s sorority alumnae dues yet, because i just found this CRAZY deal on groupon getaways, and japan is just like the greatest country of all time… i’ve always wanted to go there and eastern thought is like, way beyond what people talk about in America

so, go to groupon and click on the Kyokuyo Maru II Whaling Cruise link it will be just like spring break but just so much more cultural than the tourist trap skank resorts they take you to in costa maya… pirate whalers live the craziest lifestyle and i would be so excited to be a part of that… i know whaling is supposed to be awful, but i just feel like if we could see it from their cultural perspective maybe we would feel differently

so anyway, my friend marc went on one of these last year and he said that harpoons are super cheap there and you get to eat whatever you spear so it costs pretty much nothing once you’re there… if any of us hit even one whale we’ll be set for the whole trip… and the whale blubber diet is like the new cabbage soup diet… i know blubber sounds like it’s for fatties but it’s actually good fat because it’s not processed and pasteurized… especially pilot whales, they’re like the avocados of the sea

it’s $2295 which, if you think about it, is only like 37 trips to o’sullivans, but it will just be so much more rewarding than those vodka sodas… omg marc just sent me a video… how does this not look fun???

please invite anyone that i forgot/don’t know/don’t like… remembering who all my friends are is so hard!

see you in nippon my loves,


p.s. – rsvp in the comments!!!

p.p.s. – haha pee-pee

p.p.p.s. – ok, i just bought my ticket, you guys better move fast… this is going to sell out faster than the hfstival

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