Oh, Randy!

By now, we’ve all heard the comments Randy Moss made on Media Day.  Claiming he was the greatest wide receiver of all time sparked a vicious backlash against Moss that we’ve all seen and heard before.   And it was warranted because Randy’s wrong, he’s not the greatest of all time, but by god is he the most fun wide receiver we’ve ever seen.  I’ll say this about Randy Moss, in 1998 as he was plummeting through draft boards because of his attitude and off the field history, he crept closer and closer to the 24th spot, I began hoping he’d wind up with the Giants.  My friends and family at the time thought I was an idiot: that Randy Moss wasn’t NY Giant material, whatever that is.  I didn’t care, all I knew is that I had watched years of terrible WRs wear the uniform and I was sick of it.

Prior to the 1998 NFL Draft, the Giants hadn’t had a Pro Bowl wideout since Homer Jones in 1975 and have never sent a true pass catcher to the Pro Football Hall of Fame (Don Maynard played 1 season for the Giants in 1958 and didn’t reach HOF level until he was with the NY Jets in the late 60s, so he doesn’t count).  You took one look at Randy Moss and knew that he was a one of a kind football player.  He could do things that no one else on the field could and make them look easy. 

There is, of course, the well publicized downside with Randy.  His antics off and sometimes on the field have proved detrimental to many of the teams he’s played with over the years; and it’s the biggest reason people will remember him, not what he did on the field.  This is sad because he really has done a lot of great things.

The thing is, I think Randy is much smarter than anyone gives him credit for being.  Moss has been in this league a long time now and he’s not a fool.  He knows how the media works, in particular how media day of Super Bowl week works.  Randy knows he’s not the greatest receive ever, just as he knows that he’s on a young inexperienced team with probably his last shot at a ring.  This is a cagey individual who knows what role he can play in taking the spotlight off his team and placing it on Randy Moss for the whole week while the rest of his squad quietly prepares for Ravens.  Think about it, what else have you heard out of the 49ers this week?  (NOTE:  I began this prior to hearing Chris Culliver’s asinine comments.  Luckily we’re for the Niners, it was Chris Culliver and not a more important player that said it, but it does hurt my theory.  Well fuck it, I’m posting this anyway assholes!)  Sure, there’s been a little bit about the Harbaugh household growing up, but really the only 49ers news we’ve heard have centered on Randy’s comments.  I contend Randy knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he said that. 

Now, I know he’s retired/been cut/unretired/retired/etc. but whether he plays next season or not, the ride is undeniably close to the end.  He never fell to the Giants, as the Vikes took him at 21, and all in all it was probably better for Big Blue.  But ah what might have been:

In what is likely the most popular and iconic of Moss’ moments, he succinctly explains why rich people don’t write checks.  Whatever we remember about Moss years from now, I have a feeling it will include his greatest quote.


An adolescent classic!  In one of his last games during his first stint in Minnesota, Randy makes sure the Lambeau faithful will always remember him.  From his breakout game there on MNF as a rookie (2 second half TDs to beat GB) straight through today, no one has appropriately terrorized the most entitled fan base like Moss.


Of his many off the field endeavors (there are so many to choose!] one of the strangest and one of my favorites was when he opened his smoothie shop.  Highly underrated, I still laugh at the exchange:

                Al Click: What’s the best non-juice related thing to happen to you?

                Randy Moss: Making these smoothies.


The greatest single season a QB/WR tandem ever had culminated in this go-ahead TD in Moss’ first trip to the Super Bowl.  Nearly a decade of highlight reel plays followed by insane antics all led to the moment where Moss finally got a shot at glory.  New England wins and we all remember Moss much differently.  On Sunday he’ll try again, but while he’ll never pass Rice, it’s hard to look back at his career and not say you watched one of the immortals. 


The video above isn’t what I wanted to single out, you can’t talk about Moss without mentioning his lowest point, when he attacked the Vikings caterer Gus Tinucci during his 2nd stint in Minny.  There were no good videos of this, so instead I threw on an awesome Moss auto tune because…well, we all love the auto tune. 


Here’s to you Randy Moss!  I hate to imagine how the last 15 years would look had you not graced us with your larger than life presence.  Cheers!