The Rundown: Best Human Video Game Song Performances

I speak for everyone here at Men are Typing when I say that we love video games (except for Richy – he prefers cats and other effeminate things).  More specifically, we like our video games like we like our wine: old, cheap and shoved under a wooden TV console.  The gaming classics of the early 80s and 90s evoke pure nirvana.

Alas, those days are sadly fading quickly – their declination most certainly was cemented when my mom insisted that I sell my NES and SNES complete with my entire library of games for about $20 at a yard sale more than 10 years ago.  The only thing that helps me get over that terribly ill advised fire sale of timeless electronics is revisiting these games via their vast and remarkable audio library.  Frankly, I don’t think it gets much better than listening to the Mario 2 Theme…except for when the song is preformed by an actual human!

We as a society are most certainly blessed to posses countless musical nerds who have spent hours and hours filming themselves preforming the classic gaming songs from the days of yore.  I have scoured the interwebs for nearly 5 hours compiling what I believe are the top 10 human renditions of these classic midi tunes.  Check them out below and let me know what you think in the comments section!

(if the videos don’t load the first time, just refresh the page and you should be good)


#10: Pokemon Theme Song
Preformed by what looks to be high schoolers. Why couldn’t our band teacher be this cool?


#9: Bob-omb Battlefield
Great song preformed by what I can only guess is a band who has run out of other songs to cover.


#8: Donkey Kong awesomeness
Have to love how they have the game playing in the background. Side note – is that old monkey playing the crank operated record player some kind of racist sanford and son reference or something?


#7: Turtles in Time Sewer Surfin Metal Cover
Loving that someone took the time to record a cover from possibly the coolest and easiest video game of all time. The only question left is which is cooler – this level or the one with the hovercrafts?


#6: Self duet Super Mario violin and piano medley
This Lara gal has a bunch of awesome videos. Unfortunately she also has a British accent.


#5: Mario Castle guitar duet
This one couldn’t be #1 (you’ll see why) but its way too fucking good to leave off the list.


#4: Super Mario Piano Medley
Nothing amazing here – except for the fact that this guy blends all of the awesome songs into one totally awesome song.


#3: Weird\hot\creepy Super Mario 2 Theme
These people have way too much free time on their hands. Negative points for not using actual Mario 2 backgrounds.


#2: Banjo-Kazooie Theme
This crazy Asian dude totally nails the song and jams out while doing it…and he’s shirtless.


#1: Castle Song via Organ
Does something get any more diabolical? This guy is playing perhaps the most evil and creepy song ever invented on the most evil and creepy instrument ever invented. This song and its 10 minute performance is a complete masterpiece. If I ever become a super villain this will be playing on loop in my super villain headquarter’s lobby area.


Extra Goodness: Dude who is the voice of Mario
This guy clearly has the best job ever.